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Motivate you and your team more easily and have more fun in your work and your leisure time


Increase your sales 

and make better decisions more easily


Maximize your potential and fulfill your private, professional and entrepreneurial dreams

For you or your startup

Many of us in our daily lives struggle with “luxury problems”. Our daily bread and a roof above our heads are more or less secure. And yet we long for self-realization in our jobs, our companies and in our leisure time. Especially the start up industry thrives from this. Nowadays it is about so much more than money and career. It’s about creativity, motivation and fun, about cool teams and the vision of being part of something larger than yourself. It’s about happiness and health. And it’s about creating something special. So why do most people fail?

Regardless of whether you’re an entrepreneur or an employee, there are many old conventions that need to be met standing in the way of the new drive. Many people love being on the safe side of things, avoid falling and celebrate their successes moderately. Since 2007 I have challenged myself consciously to live a happy and successful life, professionally as well as privately – and I have succeeded in doing so. Using techniques from personal development as well as communication and change models I am assisting more and more people to stay in balance more easily, to achieve more in teams and to sell their ideas more confidently. In my individual coaching with you, you can:

Have more fun in your work and your leisure time

Increase your sales

Motivate you and your team effortless

Make better decisions easily

Fulfill your private, professional and entrepreneurial dreams

Maximize your potential

Increase your productivity in your daily routines


Hundreds of successfully coached individuals, founders and workshop participants – Sponsored by the KfW, the Bafa and the B!Gründet program as a coach for founders – Lecturer at the FH Potsdam, the HTW, HWR, FU Berlin and the Berlin Institute of Technology (TU Berlin)

"We attended a team communication workshop with Andre and were absolutely blown away. In a relaxed and friendly atmosphere he helped us to reflect more and showed us techniques to communicate better as a group."
Malte Klussmann
"I dearly recommend the selfmanagement workshop held by Andre. I got usefull insights and new approaches trough the seminar. Andre works according to the personal development level and convinced me with his effective strategies."
Sabine Ratke
"I strongly recommend Andre as a coach. It was a great experience to work with him at eye level. We reached professional outcomes quickly and easily."
Hannes Lenke
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Don’t ask if, but how you realize your dreams

Since 2005 my special interest has been in the finding of visions and vocations, managing time and goals and the subjects of communication in leadership, marketing and sales.
In order to increase the effectiveness of my work and to provide you with the maximum value I am constantly educating myself concerning methods of learning and coaching as well as applied creativity techniques.

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… don’t know where to start and would like to know the first step toward the resolution of your challenges, then we can work through your tasks and plan the implementation of your ideas together.

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…would like to then proceed more effectively and efficiently, in order to successfully put your plans to practice, I will show you how to proceed from the word to the deed.

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…are currently unsure of how things should continue and would like to know what is your vocation, your calling, your thing, then we can easily develop a picture of your ideal profession or your vision and find out what your goals are.