About Me

We can get you from A to B together, regardless of what area of your life you wish to change


– Founder and CEO of STARTUP WORKSHOPS & everycademy
– Founder of MALEvolution
– Graduated from university with a degree in business computing
– Lecturer (among others for business founders) at the FH Potsdam, the HTW, the HWR, FU Berlin and the TU Berlin
– Lead coach at borek.digital accelerator program
– Sponsored by the KfW and the B!Gründet program as a coach for business founders
– NLP Communications Trainer
– Meditation teacher and hobby yogi
– High Performance Coach
– Certified in hypnotic techniques und brain machines
– Certified in charisma and presentation techniques
– Leader in extreme situations (adventure tour guide)
– Access to a large network of students, young entrepreneurs, trainers and investors
– Flexible, alive, direct and at the leading edge


Since 2005 my special interest has been in the finding of visions and vocations, time and self management and the subjects of communication in leadership, marketing and sales.
In order to increase the effectiveness of my work and to provide you with the maximum value I am constantly educating myself concerning methods of learning, teaching and coaching as well as applied creativity techniques. I was trained in Neurolinguistic Programming by Chris Mulzer, graduating as a Master Practitioner for Applied Communication Techniques and Change Models, besides being certified as a Practitioner of Hypnosis, Brain Machines and Charisma Techniques. I underwent my training in High Performance Coaching with Christian Pessing.
Before launching my own business, I worked for IBM and studied business computing and information management. Besides working in strategy consulting, I gathered experience in sales, lobbying, marketing and in business network building in the Region of Berlin-Brandenburg. From B2B to Door-2-Door-Selling I was able to develop my sales skills in several years of dedicated work.

In the year 2011 I began lecturing at the Berlin School of Economics and Law as an external associate teacher for social competence and general methodology. At the TU Berlin, FU Berlin, Beuth Hochschule and FH Potsdam I’m involved in the Entrepreneurship program and I’m working for the startup program B!gründet as an expert and consultant for students that want to start their own business venture.

From 2011 to 2013 I have been organizing and directing the “Iron John”, a ten-day camp with 40 men including practical experiences concerning group dynamics and sexual psychology. Due to the increasing demands from all sides I founded, together with John Aigner the non-profit organization MALEvolution.

I discovered the joys of travelling in 2008, which led me to offer adventure trips combined with coaching in exotic countries to increase my participants flexibility.

Beyond that since 2013 I have been supporting both trainers and startups in finding each other and growing together with STARTUP WORKSHOPS. Since 2018 I work at borek.digital as the lead coach of their accelerator program.

In 2016 I started everycademy. An online platform to organize and connect internal company academies.

In 2015 I discovered improv theatre and started to implement the tools in team building and presentation techniques.

Starting with autogenic training in 2006 I acquired several techniques meditation techniques to alter my state of mind and to share my experience in our fast-paced information driven world with my business clients.

I work in a solution and implementation focused way, am always open for new ideas and can pinpoint the decisive factor with a fine sensitivity.